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Who We Are

Cross Play Therapy Consulting was founded in 2020 by Mary Ruth to create an organization that helps therapists understand the value and power of play therapy and to provide play therapy training. Here, you’ll find the support and services you’re looking for to expand your knowledge and grow your practice as a professional.

Three Ways to Learn





Each webinar focuses on a specific agent of change within one of the four Therapeutic Powers of Play Therapy. Attendance and participation will earn you one 1 non-contact CE (Continuing education credit for Play Therapy).
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Group Coaching

($160/mo. & 3mo. minimum)

Twice Monthly

If you’d like additional support, you can join a twice a week group coaching session. Each person that is accepted to the program will complete an intake assessment which Mary Ruth will use to tailor the sessions more directly to your needs for growth in play therapy.


One-on-One Mentorship

(6-Month Structured Program $6,000)


In this mentoring program, you’ll work with Mary Ruth Cross one-on-one to develop your skills and pursue your licensing in play therapy, or, for advanced play therapists, continue to refine your skills and grow your practice in play therapy.

Next Webinar Details

In this webinar...

The global pandemic of COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place orders we all have been living with for 6 months have changed the way many play therapists conduct play therapy sessions. Telehealth play therapy has replaced in-person play sessions for many play therapists.  Is it working?

This free 1 hour webinar will examine how telehealth is impacting engagement in play therapy.  We will be focusing especially on the therapeutic alliance and engagement with the client and families we work with.  Play-based interventions and case examples will be utilized to further understanding and support new ideas for effective treatment.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 non-contact CE (Continuing education credit for Play Therapy)
  • This supports you to meeting some of the credentialing criteria for the Association for Play Therapy. You must have 150 CE’s in play therapy-specific training.
  • We will cover advanced tools to overcome the unique challenges that complicate family situations and the therapy you provide.
  • Empirically supported interventions to help children and their families.

Learning Objectives

After this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast at least 2 changes in how relationships are built and maintained while using telehealth play therapy vs. In-person sessions.
  • Describe how attachment is accessed as a change agent in the therapeutic alliance during play therapy.
  • Identify and explore at least 2 play-based strategies for enhancing the therapeutic alliance within telehealth play therapy.

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