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A Safe Enough Distance – Staying Connected Using Play Therapy

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Course Description:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became necessary to provide ongoing counseling services through telehealth. This was a new experience for many play therapists. Telehealth play therapy replaced in-person play sessions for many play therapists. But the question is, Is it working? This course will focus especially on the therapeutic alliance and engagement with the client and families we work with while utilizing the medium of telehealth. Play-based interventions and case examples will be utilized to further understand and support new ideas for effective treatment. This course will discuss the four therapeutic powers of play with a special emphasis on the specific change agent used to provide treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Compare and contrast at least 2 changes in how relationships are built and maintained while using telehealth play therapy vs. In-person sessions.
  2. Describe how attachment is accessed as a change agent in the therapeutic alliance during play therapy.
  3. Identify and explore at least 2 play-based strategies for enhancing the therapeutic alliance within telehealth play therapy.