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Social Competence in Play Therapy

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Course Description:

Social competency is learned through interactions with others. The social distancing protocols and wearing of masks during the pandemic aided support efforts to manage the COVID-19 crisis but it also has had some emotionally challenging impacts on youth and their families. We are seeing more and more clients with depression, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, and isolating behaviors. The social connection that they needed was severely interrupted. They have lost their way socially and don’t know how to get back. This course will examine and discuss the process that supports regaining social competency through the lens of the four therapeutic powers of play therapy. We will focus on using the therapeutic power of play to enhance social relationships through the change agent of social competence. We will explore interventions that harness the unique challenges play therapists face as we too must find ways to stay connected and emotionally healthy. Play-based interventions are supported by empirical evidence. Participants will learn advanced tools to overcome the unique challenges that complicate family situations and the therapy you provide.

Learning Objectives:

After this webinar participants will be able to:

  1. Describe and identify at least 3 processes that are the underpinnings of social competence.
  2. Explore and identify at least 3 play-based interventions to improve social competence.
  3. Identify at least 2 play-based resources for using cooperative games to improve social competence.