Registered Play Therapist Near San Ramon

Registered Play Therapist Near San Ramon

Mary Ruth Cross is a Registered play therapist near San Ramon. She leads a team of play therapists at Treehouse Counseling. They work closely with parents and guardians to tailor treatment plans to suit your individual needs. 

Our Different Play Models

We are one of the best-registered play therapists in California. We love and care about children, as much as you do.

Sand Tray – Play Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy offers many archetypes: knight in armor,   cartoon fish, cowboys, farmers, soldiers, and other animals. This treatment allows children to role-play, expressing their thoughts and feelings. The therapist can also gain insight into the child’s inner world through this method. The secret lies within the story. The revelation lies in the story. Children naturally play role-players and can freely express their emotions and desires using toys. It may seem that children are just playing, but it can reveal much about their world. These are just some of the hundreds that child clients may have at their disposal.

Puppets & Masks – Play Therapy

Hand-puppets can be used to ask the child lots of questions, but mainly about what’s happening in the child’s world. A puppet allows young people to confide in what they would not hesitate to share out loud.


How Can I Determine When I Should Seek Professional Assistance?

Parents should be concerned when their children exhibit unusual behavior patterns that aren’t normal. Here are some warning signs to look out for more serious behavior problems.


A problem with emotional outbursts and anger management – Children who struggle to control their anger or frustration in socially acceptable ways could have a more serious problem. It is common for preschoolers and older children to experience temper tantrums.


Difficulty in managing impulses- As a child gets older, – their impulses should become easier and more manageable. Those who find it difficult to resist physical aggression or struggle with controlling their verbal impulses could be in more trouble.


Behavior that is not responsive to discipline – It’s common for kids to do the same thing from time to time to see if they’re disciplined. However, it’s unacceptable for them to continue being disruptive even if appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.


Interfering with school behavior – If your child’s behavior causes them to fall behind academically, that’s a sign there is a deeper problem.


Disruptive behavior in social interactions – While it’s perfectly normal for children and their friends to   grappled with each other, if your child cannot maintain good friendships due to their disruptive behavior, then there’s a problem. Children should be capable of maintaining age-appropriate behavior in social settings such as grocery stores.


Talks about suicide or self-injury – A mental healthcare professional should assess any child that bangs their head, burns themselves, or cuts themselves. If there is any talk of suicide, it’s important to have the child evaluated by a professional  immediately.

How does Our Therapy Session Work?

You may be curious what the process looks like for your child to sign up for our child therapies services. Below are the steps to get your child therapy.

1. Know your child’s situation and what they need

First, we need to identify the problem. Then, we must get to the root of the problem. We ensure that both parents and children are fully informed about the situation. This allows us to develop realistic goals and make diagnostic impressions. This is where trust plays a major role. The therapy should be safe and comfortable for both you and your child. We promise to create a safe environment for self-expression, peace, trust, and openness.

2. Be a positive influencer of habit-changing

The second step is to help your child develop effective change strategies. This will include both developmental psychoeducation and  counseling for the children. After proper education has taken place, we begin to change negative habits into more productive and positive ones. This involves using techniques related to problem-solving, coping skills, and adaptive expression of emotion.

3. Create a plan for lasting improvement

What good is therapy if you lose all your progress after the session? Our child therapy services are designed to foster lasting change and positive ways of coping with stress, anxiety, peer pressure and fear. We work with parents and children to help them develop long-lasting collaborative strategies for moving forward in their lives and dealing with difficult situations. These strategies encourage growth and improvement. They can also help to prevent relapses into old, bad habits.

Connect With Us!

Normally, you feel anxious about seeking treatment for your child’s behavior. You may be unsure if behavior therapy is right for your child. Please call us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your child’s individual needs and situation. No more struggles to find a play therapist. Get in touch with Treehouse family Counseling services.


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